Sunday, December 29, 2013


While it can be nice to shoot all kinds of fancy shots with your nikon and your fifty bajillion mm lens, sometimes its nice to appreciate the grittiness of a bad quality photo.  And I'm not talking about blurry pictures of your friend's foot, I'm talking about the beautiful aspect of a photo shot with a ten dollar disposable camera from CVS.  For some reason those crappy 35 mm lenses make some ordinary things seem entirely unordinary (I know that's not a word but none of the other words seemed to fit so I made one up).  One of the beauties of the disposable camera is that you can do pretty much anything to it -drop it in a pool, take a screwdriver to the lens, poke holes in it with your brother's pocket knife- and it can only make the pictures better.  Its a good alternative if you either don't know how to edit pictures, or you're simply too lazy like me.  Below are a few of my favorites from my first developed camera, I went easy on this one and simply scratched up the lens with a phillips head.  I would also like the apologize for the weird shiny look; I stupidly only asked for the photo prints and not a CD so I had to take pictures of the pictures to upload them to my computer.