Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Street Style

For those of you who are still unable to process how utterly and mindblowingly awesome the runway was at Chanel, here's some food for thought that will hopefully return your ability to form coherent sentences.  While Fashion Week was originally centered around the fashions sent down the runway, these days the fashionistas seen hailing cabs and walking the streets of New York in stylish yet seasonally appropriate ensembles have become an even bigger source of inspiration for those of us not lucky enough to snag even a back row seat.  While undeniably a crucial source of inspiration for the upcoming season, many times runway looks lack accessibility, making these designs less relatable to those who aren't deeply invested in the fashion industry.   Instead of checking in to see the latest designs sent down the runway at Dior or Valentino, style enthusiasts are avidly discussing the extremely wide leg trousers that Leandra Medine wore out and about during New York fashion week.  While the high-end designers will, eventually, come out with their ready-to-wear styles, media and fashion week followers are more interested in the creative and innovative outfits hustling from one show to another, outfits already in their ready-to-wear state.  Being one of these street style enthusiasts, I've been ardently following trends seen off the runway for the past few weeks.  Without further ado, a few of my favorites (disclaimer - they may or may not be related to fashion week).