Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Lob (Long Bob)

 It seems that with every new season in the fashion world, there is a new hair icon to set the tone for every woman looking to change things up.  Historic examples include Marie Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth whereas some slightly more recent ones include Louise Brooks, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Cher.  On the heels of the pixie trend, à la Emma Watson, is the lob.  The lob is a tad longer than the traditional bob, coming to a little below the shoulders.  The best think about this haircut is that it works for practically anyone, as long as your hair isn't super curly.  Any shape face can wear this haircut, which is a miracle in itself, and most textures from super straight to moderately curly.  About three days ago I finally made the move and cut off eight inches that I had been growing out ever since the dreaded middle school bob.  It's a drastic change from the long, and mostly straight locks that reached the middle of my back, but I haven't felt those all too familiar pangs of longing when I look at pictures from "BeforeThe Cut" so hopefully that will hold out.

At first it was hard to recognize Lily Collins without the signature flowing mane that almost reached her butt, however I think she looks a lot more mature with the shorter hair.

Alexa Chung is an iconic and timeless example of the lob, I can't remember her without this cut actually.  And look at her, does she even try or does she just roll out of bed looking like the pinacle of high fashion?

Although a shorter haircut has always been a bit of a staple for Kiera Knightly, I had to include her simply because she is Kiera and no one else can pull off a regular bob or a lob quite like she can.