Saturday, June 20, 2015


Greyscale, inspiration for June

In the absence of the usual outfit posts, I'm taking a leaf out of Karla's blog and sharing my latest style inspirations.  I'm taking a break from my (brief) foray into color and returning to the much loved grays and whites.  Currently I'm somewhat obsessed with sleek, plain, and sexy one pieces, the simplicity is much more attractive than those skimpy, push-up, neon pink, barely there two pieces.  I'm trying to muster up the courage and the money to buy a pair of easy jeans and fray the cuffs or the patience to thrift a pair that won't murder my wallet.  The whole jean on jean thing is really growing on me too, especially with these pencil-fitted jean skirts.  Succulents/cacti are more of an ongoing fixation and I'm not-so-jokingly considering selling my soul for a pair of Anthropologie flatforms, since that's about how expensive they tend to run.  I spend hours wistfully scrolling through Pinterest pictures of white hair, knowing its a color I won't be able to pull off for another 40 years.  Ideally, my summer will look like the real-life version of this Polyvore collage but knowing me, a collage of root beer floats, big white t-shirts, and stacks of books would have been more accurate.