Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Clothes, clothes everywhere and not a piece to wear....

Admit it, we've all been there.  A truly first-world problem, one many of us face on a daily basis.   Sitting in front of your closet packed to bursting with clothes, you stare at last season's forever 21 knockoffs and thrift store purchases that seemed like "the thing" when you purchased them, but now just like what they are, grandma clothes, and see absolutely NOTHING to wear.

I'm sorry if I just led you on, I don't actually have a solution to this puzzling conundrum.  If I did, it wouldn't take me over half an hour to pick out my outfit every night.  However, I do have some suggestion that might shave a few minutes off the stressful task of picking out an outfit every day.

1. Have a backup, have several backups.  Hell, have three weeks worth of backups.

The "I might have a group project today that none of my group members worked on last night plus I had practice until nine and I think college apps are starting to make my hair fall out" Backup

Not particularly orginal, but hey, it does the job.  Some slouchy Gap distressed jeans, Doc Marten Chelsea boots (the distressed kind duh), and a tshirt that we're going to assume is Hanes for the sake of the time crunch I'm under.  Add a scrunchy to disguise the fact that your hair looks like it hasn't been washed it a week.  Because it hasn't.  If you're feeling particularly outgoing you can even wear them like this model.  According to American Apparel they count as clothing so by all means go for it.  Scrunchies for arm bands, scrunchies for pants, extra stretchy scrunchies as a bra!

Divert your eyes from the more than half naked model so we can move on.  My next tip might just be a way to enable my Pinterest addiction, but I believe that looking for inspiration online can help too.  Now I'm not encouraging you to follow this suggestion to the extent that I have, but pinning a few outfits a week can help.  Find a few good pinners to follow, or find sites such as WhoWhatWear or Free People with Pinterest accounts.  Let me just take a second for unabashed self-promotion; follow me at or just look me up.  

Okay enough of that, time for the final tip.  This might be a little obvious and might not seem like much in the way of advice, but I've found that it works pretty well for me.

Ready for it?

See that oversized cheetah print trench coat hanging in your closet?  Yeah that one, next to the pastel high waisted jeans.  Wear that.  

Those bright green wedges that your relatives would use to identify you with if you ever got hit by a bus while wearing them.  Yeah, wear those.

Grab a crazy piece.  The one thing in your closet that you've always been a little hesitant to wear, maybe because you didn't know what in tarnation would ever go with it or maybe because you wanted to avoid ridicule on public transportation.  Disregard those hesitations.  No fashionista worth her weight ever let the opinions of a few mediocre dressers affect her style choices.  Today is the day you wear the striped denim jumpsuit you bought three years ago.  Loud and proud girl, loud and proud.