Monday, July 14, 2014


    In this post I would like to bring up two things that are very important to me.  I've spent a lot of time thinking about them and I really feel like i need to share my thoughts.

1)  What is the difference between violet and purple?  Are they the same thing or totally different?  Does violet even exist in real life?  What is the point to a color that no one uses?  Or am I completely uneducated and we do?

2) I would like everyone to know that despite the fact that I'm wearing a bun in 99% of my blog posts, I really don't wear them that much in real life.  For some odd reason my hair is always gross on days when I take pictures and I find it highly distressing that there might be people out there who think that my hair is constantly in a bun.

    Okay I'm glad I got that off my chest.  In other news, I'm not usually a lipstick person, or a makeup person in general really, but I really like this shade of lipstick.  I figure if I'm going to actually wear makeup for once, it might as well make a statement.  Not a I-like-death-metal-and-have-piercings-in-places-you-don't-even-wanna-know kind of statement, more of a I-like-to-pretent-I-could-be-as-cool-as-Lorde-who-by-the-way-looks-awesome-in-dark-lipstick-so-haters-suck-it kind of statement.  Alright, now I'm done with my rambling, I promise.

Top - Apostrophe
Shoes - Eric Michael
Pants - H&M
Necklace - My mom's
Lipstick - Wild Thing by H&M