Monday, June 30, 2014

Being a Poor Teen

     As you might have noticed, most of my clothes are not designer and those that are semi-nice are borrowed from my mother.  Most of my posts include pieces I found in the corner of a Salvation Army or basics I found for under $10 in Target.  Being a teen that is currently without employment (if anyone knows of a job opening I'm desperate enough to do almost anything), I don't have the funds to buy the sort of clothes found on most high end fashion blogs.  However, I think -or hope- that my lack of income lends a little uniqueness to my blog.  Instead of buying my sense of style, I prefer to think that I have cultivated it in those days pawing through bargain bins and standing in front of a closet full of cheap separates deciding what to wear.  The skirt I'm wearing is secretly a size 16, but fits me quite well after a tweaking it with a few safety pins in the back, the tank was on sale at Kohls, and I found the purse at the Korean knockoff stores a few blocks away from my house.
     In addition to leading to my sense of style, my absence of assets leads to much more interesting summer nights.  While other teens are at concerts or Six Flags, I spent $4 on two sodas at a diner with my best friend.  So thank you max for being broke with me and taking my picture.

Skirt - Belmont Army Surplus
Shirt - Kohls
Shoes - Eric Michael
Purse - from a Korean Knockoff store
Sweater - Tommy Hilfiger
Glasses - Ragstock

Also, this is what he would have worn if he had his way.  Thankfully I call the shots on all things clothes related.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


     I got back from Glacier National Park a few hours ago and I just decided I couldn't wait a full 24 hours to share some of the pictures I took.  While remote (I didn't have service half of the trip) and pretty chilly (averaging around 45 degrees during our stay), the mountains and scenery was truly breathtaking.  Living in a relatively flat city, I never realized exactly how small you can feel standing at the foot of an ages old giant like those in Glacier.  I took somewhere around 400 photographs, mostly of the snow capped mountains, but also of the wildlife, glacier falls, plants, and rustic hotels.  While I would love to share all of them, it would take me way too long and lose too many readers.  So I will be content to narrowing down my favorites to about 20.  In addition to these though, I coerced my brother into taking a few photos of me in an empty pool with the rocky mountains as a backdrop.  Decidedly less interesting that the park, but I've had these beautiful riding pants for far too long to refrain from putting them in a post any longer.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


 I will be forever bewildered by people who find neutrals boring.  Now that's not to say that I only wear bland colors that blend in with the crowd.  I do enjoy eye-popping prints and I don't think the way I dress will ever allow me to actually blend in with the crowd.  Instead, I just truly appreciate how neutrals can come together.  Rather than mixing stripes and polka dots in a shocking but intriguing combination, I prefer to see how many variations of gray, beige, black, or gold I can pack into one outfit.  Also, I thought I would try and wear a non t-shirt in a post for once since I've realized that almost all my previous entries have involved some type of  white shirt.  

Shirt - American Apparel
Shoes - Vince Camuto
Pants/earrings - the madre's 
Glasses - Urban Outfitters