Saturday, March 29, 2014

{Spring}ing Back

     When I took this photos, the temperature had sprung up to almost 60, most of the snow had melted, and some birds had even bravely begun to sing in hopes that maybe, just maybe, spring was coming back.  Like most Chicago weather patterns, this was a freak accident not to be repeated for another month.  However, I took advantage of this 24-hour long respite from the weather to squeeze in some pictures.  I found this beautiful skirt tucked away in the corner of a thrift shop and immediately fell in love with it.  The print reminds me of an upholstery I would find in some house decorated in the 70's, its cheesy but perfect.  Hopefully I'll have time to upload more if the weather decides to get nice again, but seeing as it took me two and a half weeks to put together a simple paragraph for these four photos, I sincerely doubt it.

Skirt - Belmont Army Thrift
Shoes - Timberlands
Shirt - American Apparel
Belt- Stolen from my mom