Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rainy Day Aesthetic

     So my hair's red now.  Actually its "Red Passion" according to the hair dye I used, but details, details.  Have I waxed poetic about my love of fall fashion yet?  I know this is a rant repeated by thousands of women, but for good reason.  Summer with its short shorts and tight tops, spring with its ever-present floral ensembles, winter with its cozy jackets and clunky boots, none of these measure up to the beauty of fall fashion.  It's all about comfort.  Which, as a student, is always key.  The cool air that briskly cuts through trees and late summer fashions alike, urges me in the direction of long sweaters, multiple layers, and thick jeans.  The muted color palate created by the trees and the sky influences my clothing choices, and something about the combination of grays and browns doesn't end up being dull but instead comes off as simply cozy.  So for this short span of the year that isn't quite winter but definitely isn't summer, layer, layer, layer your monochromatic, monotonous colors.  This is the only time of year that you'll get to wear baggy jeans on top of gray sweaters with a dark blue collared shirt and brown boots.  Embrace the boring!

Shoes - Me Too
Jeans - Gap
Shirt - Forever21
Bra - H&M
Sweater - Vera Wang
Necklace - My grandma's :)

Praise and adoration to Shay Basa for being my photographer.