Sunday, November 24, 2013


 If you've had your eyes open for the past couple months, you've probably noticed the new trend of pants that's taken over the storefronts of Urban Outfitters and can be spotted on almost any block in Wicker Park.  Recently pants of the drop-crotch and harem variety have cropped up everywhere, but if you're like me, anything besides skinny jeans makes you look like an overweight midget.  However, I was not about to let my unproportionately short legs and long torso stop me from joining in on this trend.  After trying on almost every pair of harem pants in Akira and Urban, and gazing longingly at countless more pairs that I knew better than to even try on, I finally found a pair at Forever21 of all places.  Most people would style these with a crop and maybe keds, but I'm never satisfied until I look at least a little like a hobo.

Pants - Forever 21
Shirt - Hanes
Shoes - Timberlands

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