Tuesday, August 5, 2014


    If you've stepped out at all in the last couple months, especially if you spend a significant amount of time around teens, you've probably noticed the reemergence of several 90's trends.  Now if you were over the age of 15 during the 90's, you probably view those trends as something that should stay buried somewhere deep in the bowels of fashion history.  However, if you happened to have been too young during that time period to take note of what people were wearing, you've probably experienced the desire to at least dip your toes into this new(ish) trend.  For most teens, this means flannels tied around the waist, graphic tees (preferably cut to strategically reveal the most skin possible), high waisted shorts, pants, skirts, bathing suits, etc., Doc Martens, a middle part, and maybe a choker if you're really feelin' the whole goth aspect of the 90's.  If, instead, you decide you want to branch out a little, I have a few suggestions.

8 90's Trends That Should Be Brought Back (with caution)

1. Dark Lipstick - This one is actually already pretty relevant, all thanks to Lorde and Kylie Jenner.

2. Neon Windbreakers - The really big kind, preferably with some 90's neon color blocking or a horrific print usually found in your grandma's closet.

3.  Ripped Jeans - The baggier the better, acid washing works too.

4.  Turtlenecks - But modernized, so tighter and minus the sleeves (see American Apparel).

5.  Overalls - Also pretty relevant already, with one side unhooked and usually sported with a teensy crop top underneath.

6.  Timberlands - Not a fashion trend relegated to the men, I've seen girls rocking these much better than guys.

7.  Mood Rings - The cheap plastic ones that don't work, stacked on top of a bunch of other cheap ones that also don't work.

8.  Crushed Velvet - As a shirt, as a necklace, as an undergarment (but I really don't wanna know how that works).

Without further ado, here's my interpretation....


Shirt - H&M
Jeans - Levi's destroyed by me
Shoes - Timberlands

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