Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bikinis in January

We've rung the New Year in, hung up the Christmas decorations, made our resolutions, entered the post-break real world once again, and now we're sitting here wondering what the next move is (because its definitely not the homework you should be doing).  As the department stores would like you to think, in fact, as any clothing store in or near the continental U.S. as well as many abroad would like you to think, its bikini buying time!  As you sit sipping your tea, browsing Pinterest, and glancing outside in hopes that the snow has magically disappeared and left you magically surrounded by the warm breeze of summer weather, you might as well be buying next summer's bikini.  No time like the present, right?  Well, the best time is actually after summer when everything goes on sale, but lets not get wrapped up in the details, shall we?  Besides, the endless days of bone-chilling, soul-crushing, mood-ruining, and numbing weather have nothing on the joys of searching for summer clothing.  Each cute bikini top is a little spot of warmth in my soul, or so I tell myself.  Regardless of whether its the bikini tops or the bulky sweater I have on, its time to talk suits.  I know its a little late to be bringing this up as a new trend, but it is relatively new to this style - high waisted bikinis.  Not only do they make you look like you keep up with the Kardashians and have secret fashion insider knowledge, they also do a really good job of covering up the unwanted fleshy area otherwise referred to as the "muffin top".  Also, I like the whole idea of mixing and matching.  The days of coordinating bikini tops and bottoms is over, from now on its watermelon print with pinstripes, checks with plaid.  Or, in this case, a more demure pairing of neon yellow with hounds tooth.

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