Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Resolvedly Resoluting

This is me keeping up (or trying to) with my New Year's Resolution.  Two times a month is often enough, right?  Well, at the very least, its an improvement from last year.  

So remember that post from a couple months ago about coats?  If not, I don't blame you.  It was around October, sometime after Fashion Week, and I posted about all the super awesome coats being seen out and about.  I decided to join the ranks of these sensibly fashionable women and here we are.  In addition, I found a pair of shoes where the infamous socks + heels combination actually seemed to work out for me.  I'd heard tales of such pairings where the wearer didn't end up looking like a preschooler, but believed them to be false.  However, I'm a true convert now.  Side note: these shoes may or may not have contributed to the re-spraining of my ankle, but they're adorable so its all good.

ALSO, one last thing I promise.  I'm currently in the running for an internship in New York and I need votes.  Any and all help is appreciated, plus then you get the privilege of being the recipient of my unconditional love (shh yes that's not a condition, don't question it).  All you need is a Facebook, a computer, and 3.456 seconds. 
(Scroll to the bottom and my name will either be one of the more recent ones or you can search for it).

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