Thursday, May 21, 2015

How to Wear Colors; A Guide For Your Fashion Monochromist

In a break from my norm, I present you with some COLOR.  Sorry to disappoint any fellow neutral enthusiasts, but this has been long overdue.  Don't worry though, I kept everything else as basic and colorless as humanly possible.  I've actually had this jacket for a while, but I took a long time getting around to removing the enormous shoulder pads that made my shoulders appear as though they were ending up somewhere around my ears.  Looking back, I should've donned my clip-on earrings and teased my hair a bit -just to complete the look.

Note to the public: I ripped a hole in these jeans before tearing out the knees of expensive jeans was socially acceptable so I decided to destroy the whole thing.  Little did I know, ruining nice jeans would soon become a Kylie Jenner fad...

Thanks to Shay for the pictures.

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