Sunday, June 23, 2013


     Now that summer's finally here, I'd much rather spend my time thinking about how tan my legs are or whether McDonald's cones are better that DQ's than worry about how I look.  Like most people, I have a "uniform" of sorts when it comes to the summer.  Something I can throw on in less than a minute that still looks semi respectable (by my standards that is, definitely not my parents).  This summer it looks like I'll be living in white Hanes tees, high waisted shorts, and old cowboy boots.  Substitute in different jewelry and sunnies and you have yourself a thoroughly approved summer uniform.
The ring is a favorite of mine that I found at some boutique last year, it also serves as a handy defense weapon, gotta love jewelry that works double duty.
The shorts are a pair that I made not that long ago when I was making high waisted shorts for all my friends, they didn't take long and honestly are one of my favorite pairs.

 These sunnies are undeniably awesome, no if, and, or buts about it.
 The cowboy boots add a little oomph that keeps the whole thing from being too boring.  This outfit works which practically any kind of shoes which is kinda the point.

 The whole thing ends up looking a little something like...

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