Sunday, July 7, 2013

On the Lake

It's a lot harder than it seems to find time for a post.  Between work and practice, actually taking the time to go take pictures and post them in a semi-respectable blog post is a lot of work.  However, I couldn't pass off a chance to show off my new skirt.  I couldn't get any good pictures of it because there was absolutely no wind for some reason, but the movement of the skirt is absolutely perfect.  It just floats out behind me without actually floating up and showing off more than I want it to.  The glasses are new as well and I can't decide if they're the best thing since the LBD or completely ridiculous.  Right now, I'm leaning towards the first one.  A side note; peep my doggie in the second to last picture, he might end up being the best part of this whole post. Also, I'd like to apologize for the crappy picture quality, using the flash made me look like some kind of pasty monster.

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